When to Create or Revise Your Estate Plan

Many people think that once they create their initial Estate Plan that they no longer need to worry about their future. However, laws and life are constantly changing. You should review your Estate Plan every 3-5 years or after any major life changes to make sure it reflects your wishes. Below is a list of […]

Learn How Debbie Can Help You Plan for the Future

The probate process can be complicated and can last months if you don’t have a Will in place before you pass away. If there is a Will with a designated executor and specific instructions, then probate can be relatively quick and straightforward. Consult with an attorney to determine the easiest, most cost effective way to resolve […]

5 Myths and Misconceptions About Estate Planning

1) I’m too young to start thinking about a Will Life is unpredictable and uncertain. Take some time to create a Will and other important estate planning documents in order to ease the burden on your family. 2) I don’t need a lawyer to create a Will While this is technically true, I don’t recommend […]

Spend Your Tax Refund on Something that Truly Matters

April is tax refund season and for some of us, that means looking forward to some extra cash. It’s tempting to splurge on a vacation or a shopping spree, but this year, consider investing some of it in your “big picture plan” and use your refund to create or update your estate plan. Some people […]

Not Married with Children? It’s time you created an estate plan.

Not every parent is married and planning your children’s future is especially important for unmarried parents. It’s important to create an estate plan to ensure your wishes are honored during your life and after your passing, whether you’re single, divorced or in a committed non-marriage relationship with a partner. For example, the law does not […]