Frequently Asked Questions About Wills

Can I use a computer or online program to prepare a Will? You can but this should be done with extreme caution. If the will does not dispose of all of your property, have appropriate language for an independent administration, or include a self proving affidavit, you could actually increase the cost of probating your estate. Other problems could arise from using a software program as well. If I have a Will from Read More

What is a Probate Proceeding?

When a loved one has passed those left behind are often at a loss for how to proceed.  What needs to be done?  When must it be done?  Can I delay the process to allow time to grieve?  Following are some general guidelines to help answer these questions for residents of Texas.  Since laws vary from state to state and change over time, you will want to consult an attorney to ensure you have information relevant to your Read More