What Will You Get For Valentine’s Day?

While roses, chocolate, and a romantic dinner may be the traditional Valentines fare; those admirations of love are fleeting and temporary. If you want to give your loved one a lasting (and useful) gift this year, consider properly planning for your future together. Give a gift that matters by making sure your loved one is protected with proper estate planning. What is a Will? A will gives specific instructions on Read More

Power of Attorney for College Students

As parents begin to prepare their high school graduates to leave for college the to do list can get quite lengthy.  One item that should be near the top is getting a medical power of attorney.  This is necessary because your child is now or likely soon will be eighteen and a legal adult.  This newly acquired adult status is often overlooked and comes with many new rights and responsibilities.  For example, your child Read More

Estate Planning for Business Owners

Business owners like all individuals should start with the basics. There are four documents that form the cornerstone of all estate planning. They are a will, durable power of attorney, medical power of attorney and directive to physician (living will). Non-traditional families and same sex couples should consider some additional documents to provide similar coverage available to married couples under the Read More

Planning for Non-Traditional Families

While the need for proper estate planning is the same for both traditional and non-traditional families, some of the planning techniques used are different.  Same sex couples are not treated the same as traditional married couples for many purposes and while these differences in treatment present challenges, they are not insurmountable with proper planning. Same sex couples, just like opposite sex couples, must have Read More

Different Types of Power of Attorney

The two types of power of attorney are medical and durable.  A medical power of attorney addresses who should make medical decisions if you are unable to make them for yourself.  A durable power of attorney addresses financial decisions.  Either power of attorney can be customized to fit the needs of your situation. A medical power of attorney allows any adult to specify who should or should not be allowed to make Read More