The Importance of Planning When Your Loved Ones are Estranged

Everyone knows they should have a basic estate plan. Powers of Attorney grant decision making authority for incapacity and a will specifies what should happen after your passing. Many people fail to grasp the potential for complication when some of your loved ones are estranged. Consider the case of Sally who lost her adult son, George, in a car accident. Sally was no longer married to George’s father and George had Read More

Define Your Estate

The most basic definition of estate is everything you own.  This includes tangible items like a house, car, boat and furnishings.  It also includes intangible items like investments, bank accounts, 401K’s and IRA’s.  When defining your estate for planning purposes there are two categories of assets.  They are probate and non probate.  Probate assets are assets that come under the jurisdiction of the court at the time Read More