Making Probate Easier On Your Executor

When someone passes away, managing their estate is a significant task for the executor named in their will. There are clear steps you can take today to simplify this process for your executor. These preparations ensure that everyone involved follows your wishes with as little stress as possible. It’s about making a potentially challenging time more accessible by being organized now. Providing clarity and guidance Read More

When You Don’t Have Anyone To Name As An Agent

Finding the right person to handle your estate or act on your behalf if you can't do so yourself is a big decision. However, some people need help with this not because they have an abundance of options but because they lack options. It’s significantly more challenging when you don't have close family or friends to name for these roles. What do you do if you find yourself in this situation? This is a common concern, Read More

The Importance Of A Directive To Physicians

Formally documenting your healthcare decisions now protects you during situations where you are unable to make those decisions for yourself. The Directive to Physicians, often called a living will, is a desirable component of the medical side of estate planning. It enables you to communicate your preferences regarding end-of-life medical treatment in the event you're faced with a terminal or irreversible Read More

The Ripple Effects of Unexpected Estate Distribution

When an estate plan leaves unequal shares, has unexpected provisions, or there’s no will at all, the aftermath can ripple through families and finances with foreseeable but undesirable consequences. The absence of a will or unexpected provisions can lead to disputes that might require legal intervention to resolve, further complicating the grieving process. In these situations, if the person’s true intentions are not Read More

Probate Considerations For Blended Families

Probate considerations for blended families begin with an understanding of how the law defines family.  This is important because it may be different from how you define family. This distinction impacts how your estate is distributed under Texas’s intestacy law. If your definition of family differs you will need to have planning in place that clearly identifies your wishes. We wanted to highlight some common Read More

Effective Legal Strategies For Avoiding Probate

Estate planning can include steps that allow for the transfer of assets upon death while also bypassing the probate process. It is important to understand the options for your specific assets and the difference between when these solutions are effective and when they create problems instead of solutions. With that in mind, let’s consider the ways in which you can transfer your assets without any probate Read More

Understanding Small Estate Affidavits

Managing an estate can be overwhelming when a loved one passes away without a will. Small Estate Affidavits can be a simple solution for some people in this position. However, these can only be used for estates that meet specific criteria. With that in mind, we want to elaborate on what Small Estate Affidavits are, how they can be used, and the possible issues you may run into by using them.  Small Estate Read More

Wills & Appointments Of Guardians For Children

Embracing estate planning to help protect your family from unforeseen circumstances reflects a commitment to responsibility and an awareness of how quickly life can change. The laws surrounding guardianship and wills in Texas offer pathways that can assist individuals with providing a stable future for their minor children. Appointing a guardian for your children is an essential step to safeguard them when you cannot Read More

Understanding Directives to Physicians and DNRs

Navigating through complex healthcare decisions, particularly those related to life-sustaining treatments and end-of-life care, demands thoughtful consideration and clear communication. Regarding Texas law, it is essential to understand what each estate planning tool means, how they are intended to be used, and what they can achieve. Today, we will examine two critical documents: a Directive to Physicians and a Do Read More

Drafting DIY Wills in Texas: An Option for Uncomplicated Estates

Estate planning is how a person expresses their final wishes so that they can be respected and upheld. While many people choose the assistance of a legal professional for this task, the State Bar of Texas has provided another option. Although it may seem odd that an estate planning firm that drafts wills is directing people not to hire an attorney, it is still in line with our belief about how important this document Read More