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Through our years of helping Texas families, many have great things to say about our services. We’re thankful for the opportunity to help them through the estate planning process, and you can read about their experiences with our firm below.

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Debbie Cunningham handled my recent estate planning, and I am very happy with the results. She was very professional, and her patience in dealing with my questions and concerns was outstanding. I am so glad that I took the recommendation to let Debbie handle my planning needs, and recommend her highly.

Paul Ayers

The entire estate planning experience was smooth and efficient and done in a timely manner. It is such a relief to have everything in order so my family and I know the process will be seamless when the time comes. Debbie Cunningham is very professional and answered all my questions thoroughly. I highly recommend her!

Deborah M.

Excellent service, I highly recommend Debbie Cunningham’s law office.

Myrtelina F.

I am very impressed with Debbie’s thorough knowledge on complex matters. After losing a loved one a few months ago, it reiterated the importance of having current end of life documents in place. Debbie got my documents up to date so that I no longer have the stress around it. She is a pleasure to work with.

Maureen Y.

I was referred to Debbie Cunningham to probate my deceased husband’s will. She was very straightforward with what she would be able to do. She would do uncontested wills. At the time, that was what I needed. About 1 week before probate, my stepson contested the will. I already knew Debbie would not do that part, but she called some colleagues in Fort Worth and found me an incredible attorney. She also refunded almost all of my retainer. When the will was finally probated (1 1/2 years later), I used her again to file all the paperwork. I decided to gift my house to my grandson. She took care of all of that in record time. Debbie is very approachable, very efficient, and communicates regularly. She was also very reasonable about the fees. I would most definitely use her again!

Judy Vanderslice

Debbie handled my parents will and I contacted her to make mine. She made the process very easy, answering all my questions and concerns. I would highly recommend Debbie as she provided an excellent experience for everything I needed.

Maryann Lumbley

Debbie Cunningham was not only very effective but also extremely pleasant to work with. I had a sticky legal challenge to get through and she made it happen. Thank you, Ms. Cunningham!

Phyllis G.

Debbie has been taking care of my Estate Planning needs for nearly a decade. She always listens to my needs and patiently answers all my questions. I trust her to guide me in legal issues that I don’t always understand. I would not hesitate to refer any friend or family member to her and I do refer every chance I get. She is a true professional and I know she has my best interests at heart.

Ron M.

Debbie handled the probate details for my father’s passing. She was fantastic. She had to endure a novice client and a difficult sibling during the whole process. She was professional and a bit witty at times. She made the entire emotional process manageable. Thanks again.

William C.

I haven’t had to use the services of an attorney in over 20 years but I really found someone I have a lot of confidence in. Debbie did an excellent job in addressing my problem with my parents property deed being transferred to the new owner. And as for drawing up a new will = she did an outstanding job.

Kathrine S.