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Through our years of helping Texas families, many have great things to say about our services. We’re thankful for the opportunity to help them through the estate planning process, and you can read about their experiences with our firm below.

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We Highly Recommend Debbie
Debbie worked with me and my wife on our Estate Planning and Wills. She listened to our objectives and concerns and was able to help us sort out a number of issues. Her experience and knowledge really helped us get to our goal. We highly recommend Debbie and are happy with our results.

Bill Hahn

Debbie Cunningham’s Law Firm Has Been All I Could Expect
Working with Debbie Cunningham’s law firm has been all I could expect professionally, and with an added bonus of them taking the extra time to be sure my mother-in-law completely understood and agreed with all the aspects of her legal affairs.

Pat Viveros

Highest Praise to Debbie For Her Expertise and Helpfulness!
My elderly parents recently moved to Texas from Colorado. Their Colorado attorney recommended that they meet with a Texas attorney to assure that their Will and associated Powers of Attorney were in good order for their new home State. Debbie did a great job helping them get everything in done. As she worked with my parents, my husband and I took a look at our Will and realized it was no longer up-to-date and needed refreshing. Debbie took the time to help us navigate the unique challenges we faced in setting up Guardianship for our minor children and guided us through all the necessary steps to assure us that we have done our very best to protect our family in the event we pass on. Highest praise to Debbie for her expertise and helpfulness! She was attentive and very prompt in all correspondences throughout our time with her. We gladly recommend her services!

Bill and Sandy Lowry

Thank You for Your Friendship and Support
Debbie, I want to take this opportunity to thank you and your staff members for your excellent work and professionalism in helping me through the legal process in handling my wife’s estate. Most importantly, I want to thank you personally for your friendship and support during this very difficult time. I could not have gotten through this without your guidance and counsel.

John Carroll

Very Pleased with Revisions to Estate Documents
I was very pleased with the revisions to my existing will. I also needed a couple of new documents and those were also handled properly. I was advised on other issues and we made the appropriate changes. I feel very confident with all the new revisions and additions that were made and will contact Mrs. Cunningham if I have other issues of concern. Everyone in the office is great and very friendly. It was a pleasant experience overall.


Debbie Was Kind and Sensitive to Our Needs
Debbie offered me and my family exactly what we need in putting our Estate Plan together. From the initial phone call through the very last meetings together it was obvious that this firm had their processes down to a science and executed at the professional level my family expected. We received educational resources to understand our options, we were provided time to ask questions and feel comfortable with the deliverables we would need, and ultimately able to tweak the final products as we considered more and more scenarios and how to address each of them in the plan. Debbie was kind and sensitive to our needs and executed at the highest level. I would recommend Debbie and this firm to anyone.

Jeff Howard

Excellent Work!
Debbie prepared my will and a supporting document. I found Debbie to be thorough and timely in her work for me. She communicated promptly through e-mail and by phone. I may need future documents, and I definitely will use Debbie again for the work. She is well-connected with other professionals, and she shared a resource that I have employed. I appreciate Debbie and recommend her!


Debbie and Her Staff Were Professional and Courteous Every Step of the Way
I recently had the need to have a Will done on short notice due to a medical procedure. Debbie and her staff were there to work with me and my schedule and were professional and courteous every step of the way. At the end of the day, I was able to get my Will completed in short order and was extremely pleased with her and her staff and would highly recommend them. They offer multiple services as well and again I highly recommend her for any of your legal needs in those areas. Thanks so much Debbie for your great service.


Debbie is An Amazing Attorney
Where there is NO will, there IS a way – Imagine my surprise when I was returning from a visit to my parents for the summer and I received a phone call telling me that my husband was dead. He died suddenly from a heart attack. His two adopted children came in for the funeral with the will that my husband of 12 years prepared when he was married to his first wife. They immediately challenged my staying in the house and my rights as their dad’s widow. My brother recommended I get a lawyer and he recommended Debbie as she had helped him and his wife with their estate planning documents. Debbie was eager to help and was a court the next day to start the probate with me as one of the executors. I called Debbie to provide guidance in the estate probate process. She was very patient explaining my rights as the spouse and community property laws. She worked tirelessly to mitigate my risk with regards to the disposition of the estate as the will produced did not mention me. The children and I did finally agree to the distribution of the estate assets in mediation hearing. And now I have my will updated and medical documents and powers of attorney that Debbie prepared. She is an amazing attorney. I highly recommend her to assist with any of your legal needs.

Julie H.

We are Impressed with the Level of Debbie’s Professionalism
Before my grandmother passed away, she contacted Debbie and hired her to update her will. We decided that it only made sense to hire Debbie when trying to probate Grandmother’s will. If Grandmother trusted Debbie, that was good enough for us. The only thing we were worried about was the distance to her office. We live 250 miles away and weren’t sure if that would be a problem. Debbie has been more than accommodating, making her services available to us and working around our schedules. We are very thankful for her flexibility. We expected the probate for Grandmother’s will to be fairly routine, but we quickly found out that things were a bit more complicated in our case. Despite this, Debbie has handled all the complex details of the probate and has been very thorough and prepared. Again, she knows the court system and understands the complexities of our case. The opposing counsel has been very contentious and combative. Debbie has kept us informed and calm, and had done a great job relieving our anxiety when things appeared to be going against us. We have been impressed with the level of Debbie’s professionalism and will recommend her to anyone who needs help in with estate planning or handling probate for a will. If the need ever arises, we will definitely utilize her professional services again.