What You Need to Know About Disinheriting a Child or Grandchild

With Halloween behind us, it’s time to look forward to the holiday season. Thanksgiving may be your first chance in months to gather with loved ones to catch up and overstuff your bellies. It is also an excellent time to think about planning for the future.

While reuniting over turkey, you may notice that some loved ones have changed, and not for the better. Maybe they have made some irresponsible life choices or you are just reminded of their bad habits. Whatever the reason, sometimes you change your mind about who you want to include in your will.

Deciding to Disinherit

In Texas and many other states, you can legally disinherit an adult child or grandchild. To disinherit someone is to intentionally prevent them from receiving property from your estate after you die. The decision to disinherit a child or grandchild can be emotionally trying and can be legally difficult to do.  Including someone as a beneficiary in your will is usually done with deep thought and consideration, so the removal should require the same amount of attention.

How to Disinherit

The best way to disinherit someone may be to add a provision to your will. It is generally advisable to plainly and clearly state your intention to omit the individual. No matter what, you should review your will with your attorney every 3-5 years or when there is a major life change. If you are considering disinheriting someone from your will, you should consult with an experienced estate planning lawyer to walk you through the process and help you accomplish your goals.

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Celebrities Who Disinherited Their Children

If you make it big in Hollywood, you’re likely going to amass a great deal of wealth. If you happen to be the lucky offspring of Hollywood royalty, it’s assumed you’re set for life. But some celebrities believe their children should have to work hard for their money. Or in other cases, internal family drama has led to one or more children being cut out of the inheritance.

These celebrities chose not to leave a dime to some or all of their children:

  • Mickey Rooney
  • Marlon Brando
  • Tony Curtis
  • Joan Crawford
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