Estate Planning for Millennials

60431b1a424c6524e5e2b71e2fdae3f9If you consider yourself a Millennial then you are a part of the largest generation in history with over 80 million people. Many of you tend to “live in the moment” and are holding off on milestones such as marriage, children, and home ownership.  But what about planning for your future? Even if you don’t think you need an estate plan, chances are that you do. Below are 3 questions you can ask yourself to see whether or not it’s time to start creating an estate plan.

Would You Go Skydiving Without Signing a Waiver?

Many Millennials are thrill seekers and love the rush of doing something risky. Traveling the world, skydiving or bungee jumping are all exciting adventures, but having a Will in place may come in handy just in case something should happen. Many people believe that creating a Will is a complex process, but it doesn’t have to be. Whether or not you are waiting to own a home or acquire assets, you need to create a Will to avoid chaos after you pass away. Creating a Will lets you plan ahead to protect and provide for the people you leave behind.

Who Will Look After Fido?

Millennials are waiting longer to become parents but haven’t wasted any time becoming guardians to furry friends. Do you realize that sweet Fido might not be protected if something tragic occurs? Many laws view pets as property and if there aren’t proper plans in place, your fur baby might not end up with the person you choose. To read more about the different options that are available for estate planning for pets, click here.

social-media-icons-for-blogs-2-2Who’s Going to Update Your Status?

Millennials have grown up in the digital age which has made you fast adapters of technology. Updating social media, sending emails, and checking online accounts have become second nature. What happens to your lifetime of online files and accounts if you suddenly pass away? Luckily you can protect all of these digital assets by including them in your estate plan. Click here to read more information on how to protect digital assets.

There are many other decisions that you should consider when creating an estate plan, but these questions can help you see the importance of planning for your future. You can still “live in the moment” while protecting yourself and your loved ones.

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