Power of Attorney for College Students

As parents begin to prepare their high school graduates to leave for college the to do list can get quite lengthy.  One item that should be near the top is getting a medical power of attorney.  This is necessary because your child is now or likely soon will be eighteen and a legal adult.  This newly acquired adult status is often overlooked and comes with many new rights and responsibilities.  For example, your child is now entitled to medical privacy as a result of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). HIPAA prevents medical providers from giving medical information to anyone without the consent of their patient.

As a result, if your child is injured you may be unable to get information about their current condition.  Furthermore, with today’s complex family structures the person who should be making decisions can be hard to identify.  A medical power of attorney will solve both problems.  The college bound student will identify who should have access to medical information and who should make decisions if they are unable to.

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