What to do After an Estate Plan is Complete

You have taken the important step.  You have visited with your attorney and completed your estate plan with their help.  Now what?  Do you just put the documents in a file and never give them another thought?

On the contrary, there are several steps you should take.  You should speak with every person named in the documents.  Make sure they understand what you are asking them to do and ensure they know where to find the relevant documents if they are needed.  If you keep your documents in a safety deposit box, you need to add a signer other than you or your spouse.  Otherwise it will take a court order to gain access to your will or powers of attorney.

To make things even easier for the loved ones you leave behind, get organized.  Prepare a list of your assets.  Make this list as detailed as possible.  Include account numbers for financial accounts.  List everything including mineral interests, out of state property, business investments.  Be sure to include where to find insurance policies including those with your employer.  Include important contacts such as your financial planner or personal banker.

Include a list of people who should be notified of your death and contact information for them.  This should include employer information, business associates, business or personal organizations or any group or person you have committed to completing a task for.

While this task may seem overwhelming to start, it will make a huge difference for those you will leave behind.

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