Estate Planning for Newlyweds

First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes… an estate plan?   Once the ink on the marriage license is dry, newlyweds should apply the same degree of planning as they did on their special day to the protection of their future. Many young couples put off creating or updating their estate plan because they feel it is unnecessary and costly, but it’s important to include your spouse in several legal documents so Read More

How to Protect Your Digital Assets

For most of us, updating our social media, sending emails, and checking our bank accounts online has become second nature and is a daily part of our life. But what happens to all of your accounts if you suddenly pass away? You have a lifetime’s worth of online files and accounts that may become inaccessible which causes more stress for your loved ones. Luckily, there is a way to protect all of these digital assets by Read More

Four Important Questions About Probate

When facing the loss of a loved one, the last thing people want to do is take time to learn about the law. Unfortunately, those left behind oftentimes are faced with this reality. These four questions will help you understand where to find important information and help you focus on the issues at hand. What Country, State or County Did They Live in? Probate law is state specific so in most cases the primary residence Read More

Tax Season and Your Estate Plan

It’s time to dig out all of your receipts and pay stubs from last year—that’s right it’s tax season! While you are reviewing your finances, it’s also the perfect time to make sure your estate plan is up to date. If you have recently gotten married, had a child, acquired new assets, or experienced any major life event not only should that be reflected in your taxes but it should also be added to your estate plan. Read More

What Will You Get For Valentine’s Day?

While roses, chocolate, and a romantic dinner may be the traditional Valentines fare; those admirations of love are fleeting and temporary. If you want to give your loved one a lasting (and useful) gift this year, consider properly planning for your future together. Give a gift that matters by making sure your loved one is protected with proper estate planning. What is a Will? A will gives specific instructions on Read More

An Organized New Year in Six Steps

New Years is all about starting fresh and new. Along with getting in shape, getting organized tops the list of popular resolutions. The most successful people are the most organized people. Being organized leads to greater work efficiency and has been shown to even improve your health. The daunting task of organizing your life can seem a tad overwhelming. When given a large task, it is always best to break it down Read More

What the Holidays Mean to Me

  What the Holidays Mean to Me In years past, holidays brought only the joy of the season and thoughts of time with family. Now as a business owner, the holidays remind me it is time to review this year’s accomplishments and begin planning for the new year. This December, I thought I would share both viewpoints with you. My husband and I have a blended family with six children. All six are married or in Read More

Long-Term Planning Starts Now

Most people know they need a long-term care plan but often times do not plan for it until something drastic happens. The best way to be prepared for your future is to begin planning now. Here are four ways to cover long-term care costs: 1. Life Insurance or Annuities One way to plan for long-term care is to purchase a life insurance policy or a Medicaid qualifying annuity. The policy holder pays a premium which Read More

The Future from Your Baby’s Perspective

Is your family growing? A new baby in the house is always exciting, and usually a little exhausting too! In between the many diapers to change and the late night feedings, take a few minutes to think about the future from your baby’s perspective. Do you have plans in place that will protect and provide for your child in any circumstance? Every growing family should have a complete set of estate planning documents in Read More

Back to School Pop Quiz for Parents

School is back in session which means your child will now spend their evenings practicing addition and subtraction, cramming for tests, and reading Cliff Notes. Wouldn't you like to take a trip down memory lane and join in on the studying fun? Here’s your next homework assignment. Answer these 4 important questions to ensure complete and accurate estate planning to protect your family. What Do You Own? It’s very Read More