Sending Kids Off to College Means Big Changes for Parents

It's that time of year when high school graduates are packing for college and getting ready to start an exciting new chapter in their lives. Many parents will also experience a new state of life - that of the Empty Nester. There are many changes when your kids move out: Your grocery bills go down, your house is cleaner and quieter and you have more time to spend with your spouse and friends. Another big change might Read More

How to Talk to Your Family About Future Plans

Summertime brings long hot days spent relaxing by a pool with a wonderful book in your hand. The kids are out of school and there’s a carefree attitude in the air. Many people plan vacations and attend family reunions to visit with people they haven’t seen in months. Seeing your family grow and change is exciting but it should also be a reminder to keep plans updated. Aging grandparents, parents, or aunts and uncles Read More

Proper Estate Planning Lasts a Lifetime

Estate planning checklist for newlyweds It’s wedding season which means new families are being created and blended. If you’re about to tie the knot then you know how much planning goes into organizing your special day. Some of the plans are fun to handle together – choosing a wedding band, looking at honeymoon destinations and registering for gifts are a few of the high points of wedding planning. One thing that Read More

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Spring is Prime Time for Buying a New Home

The sun is out, the temperature has risen, and “For Sale” signs now line neighborhood lawns. It’s officially spring time which is the most popular season to purchase a new home.  When purchasing any new property, whether it’s your first home, a larger one, or a vacation house, there are a few important things to remember. Get Copies of Credit Report Before you start house hunting, get copies of your credit report to Read More

Life Changes that Impact Taxes & Estate Plans

Tax season is upon us and it’s time to dig out all of last year’s receipts and pay-stubs. While you’re organizing your finances it’s also a good time to review your estate plan. Any significant changes in your life may mean it’s time to update your Will or other important documents. Below are a few examples that should trigger a review of your estate plan. Increased Income Did your salary double from last year? Lucky Read More

What’s Next After Your Estate Plan is Complete?

Many of us have taken the time to create an estate plan but the question we are left with after is—what now? Do we file the documents away in a safe place leaving them to collect dust until the day comes when we need to pull them out? There are actually several steps you should take after completing your estate plan. 1) Get Organized To make things as easy as possible for the ones you leave behind, it’s important you Read More

Estate Planning is Not Just for the Wealthy

Many people think that only very rich people need an estate plan, but estate planning involves much more than creating a Will to decide who should inherit your millions of dollars. Even ordinary people on a modest income need to plan for the future. Let’s look at some of the important estate planning documents everyone should have. Make Sure Your Finances are Handled If you should become incapacitated wouldn’t you Read More

The Dreaded New Year’s Resolution

The new year has arrived, and many of us have made a few resolutions for 2014. Many resolutions are about health, whether dieting to lose those extra pounds we all seem to put on during the holidays or getting to the gym more often to increase our fitness level. Other common resolutions are financial in nature. Depending on your life state, you might resolve to pay down those credit card bills, open a savings account Read More

Creating Your Will Can Be Two Gifts In One

Looking for the perfect gift this holiday season? Creating your Will can actually be two gifts in one—security for the future and peace of mind now. A Will puts distribution of your assets in your hands instead of the court, and ensures that your property and belongings will go to the people you want to inherit from you. More importantly, it allows you to determine who will care for your minor children and define Read More